In its common sense the term multiplayer is used to describe how different games can be played by numerous different people. The term is most commonly associated with video games and it used to describe games that can be played by more than one person. Not all games offer multiplayer options and it is usually a particularly type of game that will allow this. Most commonly it is sports or driving games that offer the multiplayer function. All of the mainstream games consoles allow multiplayer functions and in order for this to operate a multiplayer game must be purchased for the games console.

Multiplayer games are very popular as it allows more than one person to play on a game at once. There are two options within this format, people will either play against each other or they will play together; this differs between games. Traditionally the term multiplayer relates to two people playing on a game but as technology has progressed this has changed and now there are numerous different people that can play at the same time. The multiplayer function is great for friends that want to play on the games console together whilst they are socialising. This has become a common ritual that occurs in many households and it is particularly popular with university students.

The most popular multiplayer game that is purchased is Fifa, this is a football console game where users will play against each other. Generally it is sports games that are most commonly purchased for multiplayer options. Most people enjoy the multiplayer option as it offers something different and it means the gaming experience can be shared. In order for numerous different players to play on the game through multiplayer the console will have to have a different controller plugged in for each person. The controllers will usually be purchased separately or they can be used from other games consoles of the same brand.

In recent times the availability of multiplayer gaming has been extended and this can now occur over the Internet. Through registering with live services for different game console devices and individual can play other game users across a network. Traditionally people would play against the computer but now game users will often play against real people as they connected through an Internet network. As well as playing random people game users have the ability to add their friends and play them over the network.